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The retired sprinter said he is baffled as to how the money vanished from a Jamaica investment firm that's now under investigation for possible yearslong fraud.
The Olympic sprint great's legal team is threatening to sue if the money is not returned.
It was the nation's first gold in the short sprint.
The retired sprint great is now one kid short of a very cool-sounding relay team.
The fastest man alive hosted a big, mask-free birthday bash last week.
The retired sprint legend and his girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, became parents in May.
The sprinting legend celebrated becoming a "Girl Dad" in March when he and his girlfriend revealed they were expecting a daughter.
The retired Olympic sprint champ and girlfriend Kasi Bennett announced the pregnancy in January.
The Olympic sprint legend declared, "A KING or QUEEN is about to be HERE."
The fastest man in the world versus a motorised rickshaw - not exactly a nail-biter. But the eight-time gold medal winner gave the crowd something to cheer for as he took a leisurely jog against the brightly decorated tuk tuk at an event in Lima, Peru.