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"The most unrealistic part of spy movies is everyone's ability to insert the USB drive on the first attempt."
With his project "Dead Drops," Berlin-based artist Aram Bartholl wants to change the way people exchange information and who has control over it.
Most people tend to know about USB, or at least heard about it. But USB comes in a wide variety of incarnations. There are USB-A plugs, and USB-B plugs. And micro-USB, and even still some mini-USB hanging around, though they're largely faded out. And a lot more.
"USB Killer" is a device, which can literally fry your computer. The device was hand-made by a Russian hacker, nicknamed as Dark Purple.
Unfortunately, in this world of mobile devices, we must face one harsh reality -- all of them need to be recharged. With that in mind, we took a look at several items that can make that task a bit easier.
From the moment this wacky animated Jii cigarette lighter arises from the scientist's lab in this Japanese commercial, we're
Your USB drive isn't nearly as useless or outdated as you might think.
Every once in a while, I dive in and do a brief round-up of one of my favorite kind of accessories, USB Flash drives
With employees increasingly shuttling their hardware between home and office, businesses need to be sharper at ensuring they're covering the accompanying security risks.
I credit Steve Jobs creating crowd excitement that borders on hysteria about technological stuff. Heck, the lines around
In today's top tech stories, a study by the Royal Military College of Canada notes that any USB connected device can be used to steal data from your computer because most people don't lock down their plug-and-play port.
A survey of London and New York City taxi companies last year revealed that more than 12,500 portable devices are forgotten in taxis every six months; portable devices that may have troves of sensitive data.
Sure, the iPad looks cool, it looks hip, it looks "Apple." But the shear lack of features, many of which we all were "expecting" to have on a mobile device, boggles the mind. Let's examine.
DENVER - If you own an iPod or similar electronic, chances are, you have a USB cable lying around the house. If you're a
In theory, gadgets are suppose to make our lives easier, simpler. But sometimes technology just complicates, making way for
Once upon a time, USB flash drives.were rare, but today there's almost no excuse not to have one, especially since cost has plummeted and capacity has skyrocketed.
Marvell, the chip maker not the entertainment company, announced that it is set to enter the eReader world. the company will
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