usc fisher museum of art

Appropriately titled A Generosity of Spirit, the exhibition emphasizes the wide range of his interests and passion for painting, sculpture, drawing, and photography.
Today, I want to talk about a few artists whose art made me stare, think, and wonder. I'm talking about artists whom I got the chance to meet in the last couple of weeks and ask some questions.
"These artworks are testaments to the negative impact of our consumptive practices and reminders of the ongoing damage we subject our natural environment to."
Last week, I spent four amazing days in Oaxaca. It was my first ever trip to this city of 400,000 people -- a city located right in the southern indigenous heartland of Mexico. Oaxaca welcomed me with mild weather and the soothing splendor of its sprawling landscapes.
"Re:Mind," a multimedia installation at USC's Fisher Museum of Art, is the first solo show in the United States for Miri Chais, an Israeli-born artist who now lives in Los Angeles.
Why jaw-dropping? Here's why. The exhibition consists of 102 large-scale paintings (1978-79) hung with no space between them so that they create one uninterrupted line that hugs the walls of several large galleries.
-- National Gallery of Art, Washington, Heaven and Earth: Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections. October 6, 2013 - March