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Most importantly, the results from these surveys would provide the Holy Grail of rape-related data -- some real sense for the percentage of unreported assaults. We would finally have access to the experiences of those raped women and men who are unwilling to come forward due to legitimate fear of dismissal and shaming.
The former student said the panel made her feel "like I was very cheap to USC." Despite the complaints from the alumna and
University of Southern California senior Ariella Mostov wondered in May why neither the Los Angeles Police Department nor the school Department of Public Safety had attempted to contact her more than a month after she reported being sexually assaulted.
The university fully respects and supports the Clery reporting process. Only campus safety officers with state training in
The University of Southern California is facing a federal investigation for alleged failures by school officials and campus police to prosecute rape.
Love, of the OCR, wrote that the office had dismissed some aspects of the complaint because students had not provided enough
Reed was notified in a letter last Thursday that her case was being closed without disciplinary action. "I submitted a binder