The USGA should relocate the event because of Trump's comments about women, the senators say.
Even though the 2016 U.S. Women's Open now underway in California won't wrap up until late Sunday, heavy-duty protesters are already looking to the 2017 tourney.
Sports have always attempted to be a safe haven from politics. This could explain why so many diverse people gravitate to sports. Athletic competitions around the world have often been the one place where race, religion, gender and political affiliation did not matter.
There's a plot of land near the southwestern corner of San Francisco that extends just slightly into adjacent Daly City. Within the boundaries of this small tract are four of the best golf courses in the country.
For non-golfers this may seem like much ado about a trivial matter, but in reality this controversy says an enormous amount about the state of sports and even our country as a whole.
Still others, such as former USGA executive director David Fay, warn of the chaos that could ensue, should the professional
Technology is changing the way journalists cover the U.S. Open and the way fans follow the action on the golf course.
Prominent country clubs in Arizona continue to discriminate against women in tee times and use of club facilities, some 60% of which are reserved for men only.
Many revel in the brand damage Woods has gone through in recent months: loss of sponsors, public embarrassment, physical injury, and the isolation from friends and family ...
The U.S. Open is back at the Bethpage Black course on Long Island for the second time. It last hosted the tournament in 2002, in the aftermath of 9/11. This year, things have been... well, soggy.