When I stepped into the role as head of the United States Patent and Trademark Office a couple of years ago, one of the frequent
Coach Kathy Kemper, IFE Founder & CEO, Dr. Amy Geng, IFE Innovation Steward, and John Paul Farmer, IFE Emerging Tech Roundtable
The patent process is a nightmare for an adult, let alone younger patrons. Fortunately FIRST--an organization dedicated to bringing STEM programs and activities to young students--is giving middle schoolers an opportunity to invent and patent their own designs without any of these obstacles.
The first successful application for a sound mark was registered in 1978 and was filed by NBC. Thirty-five years out, it is still a notoriously long and difficult process. So when I'm asked by another business owner if they can trademark a sound, I always have to give a "yes, but..." answer for the following reasons.
More and more American businesses have found themselves tied up in senseless litigation or threatened with extortive threats as patent trolls exploit flaws in the patent litigation system. Because of this, businesses have been forced to spend valuable time and money on pointless lawsuits.
How did you prepare to transition into your position as acting director? I had the opportunity to work with the previous
The Obama administration and members of Congress are pressing India to curb its generic medication industry.
That study has been widely ridiculed for overstating the impact of intellectual property protections on jobs, claiming that
"The HIV epidemic has exposed the serious problems of applying TRIPS to medicines and other pharmaceutical products," the
The issue of defensive patent enforcement is starting to move beyond consumer technology products.
The day before President Obama took the stage to remind everyone of the benefits of the U.S. Affordable Care Act, the USPTO was plotting with Congress on how it can defeat efforts by developing countries to obtain affordable access to drugs for cancer and other illnesses.
The fight is not over. As this bill, filled with sweeping cuts, goes to the Senate, we will continue to push back the GOP's efforts to hurt the most vulnerable and needy citizens.
I have a confession to make. On October 16, 2004, I killed freedom of expression. This wasn't murder -- it was more like involuntary manslaughter, a death caused by negligence. Just to be clear, I'm not speaking in metaphors.
The Patent Office's decision to fast-track 'green' technology patent applications could help revive one of the most fundamental aspects of American society -- our speed of innovation.
From December 2009, the US Patent & Trademark Office is running a year-long pilot program to expedite green technology-based patent applications by advancing them to examination out of turn.
People at the USPTO have been telling me that Obama will be continuing the George Bush policies on intellectual property rights. So far, it is hard to argue otherwise.