u.s.s. enterprise

Trekkie businessman builds world’s only officially Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise replica.
Let's ignore the technologies that might be impossible (e.g. warp drive, dilithium crystals, and transporters). Let's ignore the technologies that we have no idea how to reproduce in a similar way (artificial gravity). Let's just focus on trying to build a space-worthy scale replica of the USS Enterprise that uses existing structural and propulsion capabilities.
At every level, local, state, federal, international, and personal, we need that combination of both Kirk and Spock, complementing each other, to solve problems and ensure that we live long and prosper.
In a way, then, "Star Trek" created its own little grandfather paradox: Though ultimately its theory of faster-than-light
A new "Star Trek: The Next Generation" gag reel proves it wasn't all serious business aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. In the
For thirty nine years, I thought I knew about World War II, considering myself a veritable scholar. Yet only now, in my fortieth year, do I realize the full breadth of my ignorance.
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The short lesson from the USS Enterprise debacle is that when leadership fails to measure up, it needs to be replaced.
Glenn unwittingly appears toward the end of the video below holding a stuffed parrot during a montage to Peter Cetera's 'Glory
Ryan Adams, now a student at Virginia Tech, left the Navy in 2009 after serving in 2006 and 2007 on the Enterprise. He said