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This was the second crash involving aircraft belonging to the USS Ronald Reagan in less than a month.
CEOs are pledging to take action for inclusion in business and for our greater community.
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In that spirit, the two governments and private sponsors have established a Tomodachi cultural exchange program. Americans
The incident, although unusual, was characterized by the Pentagon as "safe."
A stunning new report alleges the U.S. Navy knew that sailors from the nuclear-powered USS Ronald Reagan took major radiation hits from the Fukushima atomic power plant after its meltdowns and explosions nearly three years ago.
"He kept saying 'Not my boots, too. My wife just bought them for me.' But they made him take them off anyway, and he was just there, naked. Then they made him scrub," recalled Maurice Enis, navigator of the USS Ronald Reagan, one of the Navy's newest aircraft carriers.
It is the most enduring falsehood of commercial nuclear power, promoted heavily by both the industry and its watchdog, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It is a myth with two conflicting premises.