When I revisited Vietnam in recent years, after reporting from the region during the 1970s, I noted how its rulers had won their wars against France and the United States only to lose out on the economic front, as Communism put them a quarter century behind the roaring "tigers" of East Asia. Now they are struggling to catch up by offering their cheap labor to international investors.
When Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump address security challenges to America and its allies in the next four years, Vladimir Putin's Russia will loom large.
The Palestinian government denied that Abbas had been a Soviet spy, and accused Israel of “waging a smear campaign” aimed at derailing efforts to revive peace negotiations that collapsed in 2014.
So this was an enormous logistical job -- a logistical and political job, because when a newspaper spent, let's say 5000
Lost in the shuffle of whether Trump meant or did not mean Clinton should be assassinated by "2nd Amendment people," is what the implications are for a president to say something that gets interpreted that way, once in office.
Sport boycotts have been effective measures for countries to express disdain and condemnation for the actions of another.
DU CHATEAU: At that time, I guess it would have been in mid-1986, we were living in a very small, not very elegant, apartment
The split did not happen overnight; it had been developing over a decade. The first clear evidence came in the ideological
For many years now I have been enjoying the writings of Steve Berry. I became a fan with his first book, THE TEMPLAR LEGACY, and my admiration has continued through to his latest novel THE 14th COLONY.
My own minor, rather frivolous, contribution to the creation of the new diplomatic jargon -- pubic diplomacy -- did not appeal to the wordmasters of the universe. But it does occasionally appears as a typo in some U.S. Embassy internal memoranda.