ut sex week

Republicans hate the idea of students organizing "Sex Week" so much, they're threatening to withhold funding that already doesn't exist.
At the vast majority of colleges and universities nationwide, students are charged a fee to help fund student clubs and student
"I had told them, ‘If you agree to these things publicly, then I'll back off,’” Campfield told KnoxBlogs. "The opt out was
While I support diversity of thought at the university, what is currently in place is not diversity. Sadly, when you look
UT-Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy Cheek told HuffPost last week that the First Amendment prevents the school administration from
As calculated by R.J. Vogt, editor in chief of the campus newspaper, Sex Week uses 0.27 percent of student programming fees
The University of Tennessee pulled funding for "Sex Week" after conservative lawmakers complained, but some critics still
Todd Starnes's Fox News piece Thursday on UT's first annual "Sex Week" and its founder Brianna Rader was one of the most flagrantly irresponsible pieces of journalism I have ever laid my eyes on.