Leaked audio reveals that the nation’s biggest gas-only utility is behind a new astroturf group.
The fee could give the fossil fuel industry a new tool to slow the energy transition.
Despite extra federal funding, many of Tennessee’s power providers are still cutting off service to families who can’t pay during the coronavirus pandemic.
Even as utilities pledge to stop cutting service to the poor during the coronavirus pandemic, some of America’s most vulnerable are falling through the cracks.
Companies are voluntarily halting disconnects over unpaid bills, but advocates warn there’s no legal obligation to do so amid the COVID-19 outbreak.
PG&E has another wildfire lawsuit on its hands as victims claim the utility has not maintained its lines.
Several of the blazes were caused by utility company equipment coming into contact with tree limbs.
Progress and setbacks on the road to curbing Dominion’s influence.
"My eyes just about popped out of my head," Erie resident Mary Horomanski said.