PG&E has another wildfire lawsuit on its hands as victims claim the utility has not maintained its lines.
Several of the blazes were caused by utility company equipment coming into contact with tree limbs.
"My eyes just about popped out of my head," Erie resident Mary Horomanski said.
Like Big Oil, power companies have long seen the danger of fossil fuels, a new report finds.
London’s new “smart street” is using new technology to encourage sustainable shopping and draw customers in.
Investors are asking for clear signals which will help them to place a monetary value against the risks they may face in
You want to change society? Change how it accesses technology and information.
A major shift to solar will require PECO to change the way it does business, making solar an infrastructure priority rather
Governor Brown has traveled the world speaking out against climate change. However a shocking new review of the Brown Administration's actions shows they've often helped oil, gas and utility companies at the expense of the environment and the consumer.
In my experience in energy politics, I've seen many attempts around the country to undermine customer choice when it comes to new clean energy technology. Net metering advocates fought to defend solar choice.
Electric utilities tend to take a lot of heat for clouding public understanding of climate change and standing in the way of energy resources that won't cook the planet.
Infrastructure: This layer of the industry tends to be the source of utility executive confidence about their indispensability
Solar power is growing faster than ever in the United States. The price of solar panels has dropped dramatically, by more than 70 percent over the past decade.
Opower, the shining light of energy usage management and behavior modification, is being bought by Oracle for (what would
So what parts of the Minister's response do I want to address? Unfortunately I will have to frame this from a perspective