Rēkohu 2121. Alan Marshall, Author provided The Moriori refused to give up their pacifist ideals to fight against the invaders
The Guairá Falls along the border of Paraguay and Brazil were once a natural wonder. The cacophonous roar of their seven
His first success was at the little village of Santa Clara del Cobre, where coppersmithing had been the town's claim to fame
One of the primary characteristics of fundamentalism is the use of confirmation bias, but this merely speaks to a deeper
Sanders is a reminder that this is not only desirable but possible and many of us as global citizens welcome this sudden emergence of an American spring. He embodies the America we like.
If I could invent a new religion or philosophy, it would be to improve and educate everyone on the hidden power of perseverance
I've struggled with writing about the Maker Faire for about a month (I'm press- not a journalist). It's easy to gush about the wonders of tech's open pastures, or tougher to diametrically write existentially about future doomsday scenarios, which I admit is much easier for me.
Beauty leads to vulnerability, and beauty is most often seen as a feminine quality. These concepts are thoroughly, almost obviously embedded in our culture.
"Hello, it's me." Todd Rundgren can never escape that greeting and song title. Nor would he want to, I imagine. It's a signature song for him, one that was transcendent for American radio.
An ambitious document, the "Ecomodernist Manifesto" makes bold claims about history, philosophy, technology, and economics. Its authors, an eclectic group, are working with foundational myths.
This year, you also programmed a piece by famed choreographer Sasha Waltz, who will dance a solo, accompanied by percussionist
Like the the Atlantis of lore, the digital-diplomat is not tethered to any hemisphere but rather links to the superiority of knowledge and empathy over geography and ideology.
Genesis' new anthology, R-Kive, is an overview of the musical creativity of not only Genesis but it includes the works of each member of the band as well. Here Mike Rutherford explains how it came together.
Here are four of the women's "arguments" for altering your body and face.
In parallel with the need to align and be as others, adolescents also strive towards total autonomy/independence. Many feel
oday was the first step. Becoming more introspective, active and taking charge of your life is a slow but incredibly rewarding process.
I think we're headed toward a dystopia that will look for all the world like utopia. We may already have entered this new paradigm and be well on the way toward its irreversibility, which has profound consequences for individual and social action, and for making the best of this moment of transition that may well last centuries.
We've sifted through this fall's new stuff for titles that could work for families, plus some classic shows that offer fun watch-together experiences. And remember, there are plenty of family-friendly shows available through streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon.
I don't know how else to explain the experience besides saying we put a pause on real life and took a break. We let ourselves immerse in nothing but fun and joy and forgot about everything else temporarily.
For hundreds of years now, humans have tended to believe that the best sort of government is one which leaves its citizens