Rishikesh is one of the places where the quest for inner bliss is constant. 5. Yoga - No brainer, right? Rishikesh is home
I had to pinch myself to confirm it was true. Had I really won a month of India travel through a contest called "You Wander We Pay?"
Climate change is water change. Learning from earlier flood disasters and preparing for climate change, governments, scientists and environmental organizations have started to remove levees and recreate floodplains on rivers such as the Rhine, the lower Yangtze and the lower Danube.
In the end, it is what you believe and not what others want you to believe that matters. If it is karma, then so be it. If it is your own attitude, then so be it
Some, of course, may be quick to explain why purportedly bad things happen to good people by employing a karma -- strategy
The northern Indian state of Uttarakhand is seeing unprecedented flooding. What we are seeing is challenges of an increasingly climate-risky world; where already ecologically fragile and vulnerable regions are made more vulnerable and more disaster-prone.