Sayfullo Saipov came here on a green card. Plus, Uzbeks don't pose much of a terror threat to the U.S.
The suspected New York attacker was originally from Uzbekistan before legally emigrating to the United States. Here’s what you need to know about the central Asian country.
The suspect terrorist in the New York terrorist attack is a Uzbek national. It remains unclear how or when he became radicalized.
On June 27 we released a joint report documenting forced and child labor linked to the World Bank’s agriculture projects
If Trump is elected, Vladimir Putin will be able to run roughshod across the former Soviet Union, including Armenia, and try to take back the Baltics, Poland and other ex-Soviet fiefdoms in Europe, such as Hungary and the Czech Republic.
Although the U.N. recently acknowledged for the first time that it was involved in the cholera epidemic that has killed more
On Wednesday, I sat on the A train on my way from Queens to Manhattan. Across from me sat a young mother with her baby boy. Both of them were laughing and clapping along with a Muslim Uzbek woman who had arrived late the night before, setting foot in the West for the very first time.
The Muslim world's battle over the legitimacy of political Islam has expanded to the soccer pitch as proponents and opponents of interpreting the faith politically seek to impose their public morals with men's hairstyles and facial hair taking centre stage.
(The trial involved allegations that Aliyev ordered the murder of two bankers in Kazakhstan. Austria decided to try him because
The ADB needs to put its money where its mouth is. In Azerbaijan, it should only provide budget support to the government
Urgent action to press the Uzbek government to respect civil society and end forced labor is vital. We call for principled engagement that holds the Uzbek government accountable for its crimes. We call on governments and international organizations to take a firm, public stance against the Uzbek Government's mass use of forced labor and repression of civil society.
It is hard to find accurate statistics about domestic violence in the former Soviet Union, but the few that are available show a problem that is much worse than in the West.
Now is the perfect time to cruise the Nile, prices are low and Egyptians are always friendly and eager to show the world their ancient and modern culture. To get even further off the tourist track head way south along the Nile to Nubian territory.
U.S. law allows American prosecutors to seek prison terms or big fines against those from other countries who violate American
There's perhaps no better way to get to know a place than by logging time in its markets, swapping stories with the vendors, and running your hands over items filled with heritage and history.
On International Human Rights Day, Walk Free and International Labor Rights Forum, both members of the Cotton Campaign coalition, projected striking images of Uzbekistan forced labour onto the headquarters of the World Bank in Washington D.C.
Uzbekistan is the world's fifth-largest cotton exporter, yet sales benefit the government elite on the backs of the Uzbek people.