V. Stiviano

5) A man known as Maserati has severed ties with Sterling after he heard the recording but never thought of Sterling as a
A man accused of assaulting V. Stiviano, the woman at the center of the L.A. Clippers scandal, was arrested Tuesday in New
Stiviano has had personal problems with her ethnic identity in the past. She was born Maria Vanessa Pérez and legally changed
“They were about 5’7 and they knew exactly who she was. They began to hit her and called her the N word," attorney Mac Nehoray
The dust has begun to settle about Donald Sterling and his strange (is there another word?) "girlfriend," V. Stiviano, although one is not sure we know more now than when this episode began. But what lessons can we learn from the spectacle they -- and it is they -- have caused?
It's amazing what a couple of bleeps and a few blurred pixels can do. In the clip above, Jimmy Kimmel brings Dr. Phil, V
Many believe that Donald Sterling does not have a leg to stand on. I don't share this view for two reasons.
Much is made of docility, vulnerability and faith, which might all have been given a bad name by Neville Chamberlain who used the word appeasement to refer to his dealings with Hitler
If anything, Donald Sterling's problems have cemented this warning for others. We know even private people have turned themselves into instant journalists in the world we live in, and you can't unring the bell of the digital revolution.
CLICK HERE for complete Daily News report “You know, if you were trying to have sex with a girl, and you don’t think anybody’s
The NBA levied a lifetime ban against Sterling and fined him $2.5 million last month. According to TMZ, Sterling is now seeking
Too often a racist is an ignorant person with no particular impact beyond his or her own words; think angry talk show caller. Here, we reconfirm that racist ignorance can be found in high and powerful places; think the guy who owns the radio network.
On one hand we have a powerful man willing to bend the rules and ignore the basic humanity of some people just on the basis
The owner of America’s most famous legal brothel, Dennis Hof, announced this week Sterling is also prohibited from entering through its doors at any of the seven locations.
You could argue that the woman on the recording didn't really set up the man on the recording; instead, she let events play out in a way that seemed quite characteristic for the Clippers owner.
According to tax records accessed at CitizenAudit.org, the Los Angeles Clippers Foundation donated $20,000 to the Los Angeles NAACP in 2008 and again in 2009, and the Donald T. Sterling Charitable Foundation gave $5,000 in 2010.
An extended audio recording of the same conversation, released by Deadspin on Sunday, shows Sterling defending his views
Former NBAer Etan Thomas joins Marc Lamont Hill to discuss Donald Sterling's racist comments.