va scandal

Government touches our lives in many ways---at the federal, state, and local level. But those ways in recent years have not been altogether good, even including, sorry to say, during the Democratic administration of Barack Obama.
The VA should be the fulfillment of a promise: health care in the service of those way we claim to honor most, those who have worn the uniform and offered the last, full measure of their worth for their nation. It has become, in reality, a vending machine.
"Just one person has been fired. One. What the hell happened to the rest of them?" Boehner said on the House floor, referring
President Barack Obama will visit the Phoenix hospital at the center of the scandal over mismanaged care for veterans, The
If Americans utilized the outrage over American Sniper, the Brian Williams saga, and Kanye West rushing the stage at the Grammys, and aimed this vitriol at President Obama's request for a new war, we could possibly avert yet another colossal mistake.
The Best Idea for 2014 was requiring police to wear body cameras. This idea was so good it actually cut across the lines of the protestors and the supporters of police. Many on both sides of that divide support the idea, for what boils down to the same reason: the camera doesn't lie.
The VA's "Nationwide Access Audit," released in June, was commissioned to investigate allegations that the department had
Congress declared the Veterans Administration scandal was a disaster that veterans had to wait so long for help. Then, they proceeded to take longer than the wait time to come up with a reform.
“I have been in touch with Senator Reid every day to see how fast we can possibly get it through the Senate,” Sanders told
Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, who heads the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, and his House counterpart, Republican
“You cannot talk about negotiating, you cannot talk about a conference committee, when somebody is asking you to join you
Sometimes exaggerating to the point of absurdity is a way to draw attention to something. And sometimes a story needs no exaggeration at all. It's absurd all on its own. Just take a look at military veterans and their experiences with the VA.
Asked how he would avoid the same situation, McDonald said he would get out of the executive suite and visit many of the
Veterans and patriotism are almost interchangeable, but peeling away the veneer reveals the conflicted relationship America has with its vets.
I am not sure if hell has theme music, but if it does I imagine that it is the exact same as the call-waiting music of the VA. The biggest issue is actually getting into the door to your appointment.
In nominating Mr. Bob McDonald to lead the VA, the President chose someone with extensive managerial experience and an honorable military record. I hope Mr. McDonald will use this opportunity not only to fix the many problems at the VA, but to innovate and lead.
Only a daily basis, veterans assuming they are going to see tenured doctors are met with nurse practitioners due to the turnover at the VA. The VA is simply not able to compete with the private sector to attract doctors and has been forced to use its existing resource of nurse practitioners to provide care to veterans.
As a West Point graduate, a veteran, and the son of a World War II veteran, Robert McDonald may finally bring to VA the corporate credentials necessary to embrace the values, sensibilities, and 21st-century business acumen necessary to unmire an agency sunk to its axles in the mud of lies, subterfuge, management failure, and whistleblower suppression.
Earlier this month the VA said an internal audit found more than 100,000 veterans had been subjected to a wait of 90 days
I have spoken with a number of VA leaders who are dedicated to providing the best services to veterans; every one without exception has had to navigate this incompetent and intimidating system. It is shameful.