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Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Please don't shame me because it was actually pretty great.
Here are some tips on picking yourself up and facing the fall ready to start over.
Summer's the perfect time to use up some of those vacation days. And if the mountains, beaches or cobblestone streets of
Some professionals might need to take the text of their own out-of-office replies to heart. According to a study released
Compare the usual, quick-fading vacation with one where you study a mental discipline like yoga, Tai Chi, or meditation, or master an exercise for physical relaxation. These give us a method for an inner vacation that we can continue once we are back, a way to regularly prime our better moods.
Don't do anything just because you have to. Sure, you're obligated to return to work. But during the first few days back
1. Don't stress about leaving things the way you'd like to come back to them. "Stay in your vacation frame of mind and really
Vacations give us a much-needed break from work and responsibilities. They're a time to have fun, new adventures, rest and relaxation. In our fast-paced, over-scheduled and stress-filled lives, we often overlook the value of these benefits.
My vacation was mostly great, but I made one mistake. My hope is that I catch you before you leave for your vacations and help you design them, so you maximize relaxing and having fun with your loved ones. This is an important area of life.
Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer and all it evokes: vacations, slower workweeks, casual dress codes, getting
Taking earned time off, though, can help to lower your stress levels and create work-life balance. Having a vacation planned
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Rich Beattie, La Carmina and Sophie Lamarche Barnes join Abby to talk about the factors that make vacations so stressful.
Rich Beattie, La Carmina and Sophie Lamarche Barnes join Abby to talk to offer some tips for experiencing a stress-free vacation.