Millions of Americans could be eligible for a booster shot of a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the week, The New York Times reported.
Powell's death doesn't mean the COVID vaccines don't work. It means everyone else needs to protect vulnerable individuals from infection.
The CDC added depression and schizophrenia to its underlying conditions list, further proving that mental health is health.
The president said the U.S. has to “do more” to vaccinate the 66 million eligible people who remain unvaccinated across the country.
“Under no circumstance other than a pandemic that completely disrupted their lives would I have even considered enrolling my child in a medical study.”
The death toll is larger than the population of Boston.
People who had the coronavirus and then got the vaccine may be at an extreme advantage. Here's how.
"By refusing the vaccine and ignoring the science, a few of my siblings have denied our entire family an opportunity to properly say goodbye to him."
"It’s got a lot of us, quietly behind the scenes, very worried about outbreaks of some of these other diseases,” said one pediatric infectious diseases specialist.
In an article published this month, writer John Nolte says Democrats are using "reverse psychology" to trick opponents into dying of COVID-19.