Vaccine trial

Researchers said they expect to release their late-stage trial results by Christmas. This would follow rival drugmakers releasing theirs earlier this month.
If not, kids may not be able to get vaccinated until well into the next school year, pediatricians warn.
It's the second time testing has been halted on vaccines because of an illness.
The study will be one of the world’s largest coronavirus vaccine studies so far, testing the shot on some 60,000 volunteers.
This is what it's like to help test a coronavirus vaccine, including how much it pays, the side effects and what to consider before signing up.
The FDA must approve any COVID-19 vaccine before it’s widely distributed, but political pressure could cloud the decision.
A hacking group said to be part of the Russian intelligence service is accused of trying to steal information from vaccine researchers.
Experts involved in the Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine trial – and a participant – explain how it works.