vagina art

Which is appropriate, because vaginas give us life, too!
How Rokudenashiko took on the Japanese patriarchy with her adorable lady parts.
Artist Stephanie Sarley is challenging the ubiquity of d**k pics, and encouraging young girls to draw along the way.
It was installed just in time for International Women's Day.
Kapoor is the latest artist to contribute to Versailles' initiative of introducing contemporary art in dialogue with the
But in reality, Thursday’s decision could clear the way for civil libertarian nightmares down the road. European countries
For every questionable Kickstarter in which your high school acquaintance is trying to mobilize a movement to fund his spring
De Cupere has crafted a statue of the Madonna made from what he refers to as "frozen holy water." In an olfactory performance
For more on the world of contemporary performance art, check out Casey Jenkins's "Vaginal Knitting" here. h/t HuffPost Canada
British sculptor Jamie McCartney saw something worth addressing in the "designer vagina" trend, the upshot of a risky but