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“I have something on my mind that’s been bothering me for years.”
The actor says he has a better attitude since the diagnosis.
The actor revealed he had "a healing of cancer" during a recent Reddit AMA.
The actor, who starred with Kilmer in 1996's "The Ghost and the Darkness," says "things don’t look too good."
Batman has been played by 6 different actors over the past 60 years. POW! It's the evolution of Batman in feature film.
Mirza Davitaia has always shared an unwavering connection with his art. At just thirty-nine years old, he has held prominent positions in diverse fields, yet his art has remained a constant throughout his life.
The "Batman Forever" star was taken to UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, where doctors performed surgery on what is believed
Shifting from autobiography to biography, Fry breathes fresh life into one of history's greatest minds (much like Val Kilmer's brilliant channeling of Mark Twain) with the funny, touching, and intimate, Einstein! at Hollywood's Lounge Theatre Fridays and Saturdays through November 22.
[h/t Entertainment Weekly] "Breaking Bad" fan Larry Shepherd is taking fan fiction to a whole new level with the help of
Did you get to talk to James Franco about the book and how to bring the character to life? I didn’t before the film. It was
Val Kilmer was a guest on "Conan" Monday night and shared an amusing, albeit unsettling, story about his nemesis Betty White
Val Kilmer is great at taking selfies, so, naturally, Conan asked for some tips. Watch his quick tutorial above and remember