The clip has prompted global calls for a ban on Spain's iconic bull-themed festivals.
How we're reimagining our site for the next chapter.
With its irresistible fusion of youthful optimism and rich history, Hungary's vibrant capital is having a serious moment
Madrid is the vibrant center of my social life, where I spend most of my time when in Spain. There, I seamlessly balance business and leisure.
Mantua, Italy An aerial view of Helsinki, Finland Belfast, Ireland - Contributed by Sasha Heseltine for Viator Lyon, France
Take a walk down the streets of Ruzafa and you'll find yourself welcomed into small, independently owned shops. Restaurants where people share their food with strangers. Even a "microtheatre" where you can catch short, 20-minute theater performances in-between dinner and drinks.
Read on about hanami season in Tokyo. Nyepi Day, Bali St. Patrick's Day: Worldwide Holi festival, India As the cold weather
Berklee Valencia's blank piece of paper is now very full of experience, experiments, curricula, partnerships, students, alumni and community.
The emphasis on technology proliferates throughout the School. For instance, the campus features one of the best recording
If you are a Star Trek fan, you can easily visualize this: A fleet of Klingon star ships decloaking and landing in a dry riverbed in the middle of a beautiful city. Because, to my eye at least, that is just what the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain looks like (the star ships are benign, of course!).
Does the sight of a really incredibly façade make you weak in the knees? Does a breathtaking interior make your heart flutter
Before you think all of Tomorrowland is fictional, that futuristic city you may have seen in the posters and movie trailers -- that exists, at least partly. Continue reading for more about the real-life city of Tomorrowland in Valencia, Spain.
When you think of Spain, you likely envision Barcelona. Maybe your mind leaps instead to the beaches of Mallorca or Ibiza. Here's another option that combines the best of those two options: Valencia.
Valencia is a city built for romance and sensory indulgence. This was our first time there, and you can bet we'll return. We believe in the sexiness of long-term relationships, and we arrived in Valencia ready to romance. Thankfully, it did not disappoint.
If good things really do come in threes, then Valencia -- Spain's third-largest city after Madrid and Barcelona -- perfectly completes the trifecta.
I am still awed by Golden Gate Bridge every time I visit it, and from certain vantage points the Bay Bridge too can be beguiling
Valencia may not be the first city you visit in Spain, but it will definitely leave a lasting impression. With mountains of paella to bust your gut and enough fire to burn your beard straight off, this city is well-versed in showing you a damn good time.