Valentine's Day Ideas

1. Add some WOW factor: Your local florist will have plenty of ideas for how to make your arrangement stand out. Sometimes
Whether you're still in the honeymoon phase, married for 20 years or a cat lady-this, Valentine's Day strikes terror and dread into your heart for a plethora of reasons. Let's run down some of the many reasons why.
A local acquaintance won't be celebrating his Valentine's Day at a concert, restaurant, romantic movie, dancing or any other place where thoughtful significant others often go to celebrate a great holiday. He'll be celebrating it at the local hospice care, while his wife receives chemo treatment.
5) Being in love with you makes every morning worth getting up for. Good morning my valentine. 3) There is nobody in this
So how about nixing the pain of this pressure-filled day and let's get back to what really matters: expressing love. You don't have to ditch your diet and eat a 5-course dinner or gobs of chocolate to do it (although if that's your thing, go for it). Here are some tips to celebrate V-Day your way:
Being in a relationship is all about compromises. Or so they tell us. But when it comes to choosing a movie to watch wouldn't you rather just watch the one you want?
6. Turn yarn into flowers you can treasure no matter the season Project via Eclectically Vintage 7. Add a cute graphic to
Well ladies that time of year is once again upon us. That damn Valentine's Day. You know that holiday that if you're totally single reminds you that you're totally single.
As true with most holidays, Valentine's Day means spending more money and creating more waste than usual. Good news! There are ways to enjoy the day while spending less and minimizing environmental impact, even if you don't have a date this year.
Eva Longoria launched her PDG (Public Displays of Godiva) today in Los Angeles. In this video she talks about giving PDA
Sure, this year's take on the trite-yet-trendy Valentine's staples have their appeal, but the thing that will most win your honey's heart is a personal valentine, written from your heart to his (or hers). It will make that dinner extra special and memorable.
Significant other traveling for work? How are you celebrating Valentine's Day (or weekend) this year? I'd love to hear your
This year Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday, so what better way to celebrate than with brunch? I don't know about you, but
After much thought (at least 10 minutes or so), I came up with the following activities that you are welcome to emulate.
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Contrary to the soft-focus romantic promises of all the media hype, Valentine's Day is often a big steaming bowlful of suck soup. That's why I'm proposing that this year -- every year from now on, frankly -- you shouldn't buy into any of it, and here's why.
Along the way I've experienced some fun ways to celebrate Love Day -- whether solo or coupled up. Check out some ideas if you're looking for something new this Valentine's Day:
By Laura Woods, Contributor Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year, but it's also one of the most expensive
Women love when men are expressive. They always enjoy being adored and appreciated. Take a jar and fill it with notes all about why you love your partner. The more communicative you are, the better.
Senior skiers I know have a passion for the sport, and it extends to other areas of their lives -- Valentine's Day included! With that in mind, here are some Valentine's gifts that might feed the passion for your partner and for playing in the snow.