values voters

"When I'm elected, I'll take care of all your tax problems!"
Many Christian voters in today’s America are somewhat like Christian voters in 1930s Germany.
Phrases like Values Voter and Moral Majority are badges of political honour, worn with pride by certain sections of the electorate. Look a little closer though and you'll spot an interesting fact about these terms - they are completely meaningless.
We should not go into the voting booth informed only by warm sentiments but instead by an informed understanding of the real social consequences of what the candidates' policies would be.
That sounds harsh and I do not mean for it to be unkind. But frankly, I'm growing exceedingly weary of the nonsense that uninformed and misinformed Christian ministers wail about almost continuously.
If you are one of those voters who wants to be sure to vote in accord with the central motivating values that permeate the Bible, then I invite you to use this list as you assess each candidate seeking public office.
We are all values voters. Our values come from the core teachings of our various religious traditions. We share a core set of religious beliefs and values that should guide our votes in this election and in every election.