The man hopes his 3-year-old son eventually chooses the lifestyle.
Movie Review - Jackie K Cooper "Underworld: Blood Wars" (ScreenGems) Selene's main ally in all this warring is David (Theo
These names are surprisingly accessible.
Logo has declared T.J. Cotrona one the "hottest men of horror TV," not that far behind The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. His video clips have made top tumblr posts, and he's included on one fan's Secret Celebrity Crush page right above Marlon Brando.
Alice doesn't think of herself as gay but is in love (and in lust) with a glamorous and slightly older singer Juliana. The
Incapable of making a choice, my mind immediately switches to wondering about the history of the red carpet because that's
In October 2015, Paradox Interactive acquired White Wolf Publishing and the World of Darkness. The newly reborn White Wolf
In my opinion this approach to a remake is a mistake. Can they honestly not see how Anne has a truly devoted fan base and