The allure of the forbidden is real, and we should probably usually resist it, but human beings are human.
You may have heard French novelist Théophile Gautier’s phrase, “The French lack the sense of the epic.” Unfortunately, the
Albania was sealed off to foreigners for almost the entirety of the Cold War. With democracy came an influx of visitors from the rest of the world. No one knew quite what to expect. But getting to the pristine beaches of the Albanian Riviera is not an easy task.
My plan when we picked up the van was to take a picture of me lying dramatically on the hood, giving my saddest "I've been dethroned from coolness" face. But after driving it for .08 seconds, I realized my shame was vain and THERE ARE TWELVE CUP HOLDERS.
City of Muskegon Police are asking for help in identifying this suspect. Please call (231) 724-6750 with any information.
By SELCAN HACAOGLU -- The Associated Press State-run TRT television, meanwhile, says the number of deaths in Sunday's quake
Icy roadway conditions led to a brutal head-on collision outside of Springfield, Ohio on Friday morning, as a tractor-trailer
Until we change our lifestyle, the Earth will remain in the danger zone. There is still time to bring carbon dioxide levels back down, but it's going to take a major transformation in how we think and act.