"All About Almodóvar" Retrospective at Cinefamily, January 6 - 22 Installation view of 3D recreation of Lichtenstein's Bedroom
The "I am Vincent" competition is a very real contest that you should know about.
Ash is about to have a brush with some serious competition.
And fellow artist Paul Gauguin (and his sword) most likely had nothing to do with it.
"I am a great artist and I know it," wrote Paul Gauguin to his Danish wife Mette. "It is because I am such that I have endured such sufferings... You tell me that I am wrong to remain far away from the artistic center. No, I am right. I have known for a long time what I am doing and why I do it. My artistic center is in my brain and not elsewhere and I am strong because I am never sidetracked by others"
"There's something about [Toronto] to me that's much more sociologically experimental," said Malicki-Sánchez. "This whole
They say that Van Gogh ate yellow paint in a desperate attempt to feel happiness inside. I covered the canvases of my heart with every sunrise I saw in your eyes and every golden smile you gave me.
Have you ever found yourself confiding in a friend on a Sunday morning in Central Park, only to be interrupted mid-sentence by her screaming "Cinnamon Teals in formation at 10 o' clock!"
Comedian Jacqueline Novak, author of "How to Weep In Public: Feeble Offerings on Depression from One Who Knows" breaks down a ridiculous argument people make about mental illness.
In order "to keep it in better condition for future generations."