van gogh museum

But how often does this really happen? If the long-running success of the television program Antiques Roadshow is any sort
So committed was Daubigny to capturing the atmosphere and feeling of the plein air landscape, he fashioned himself a studio
And fellow artist Paul Gauguin (and his sword) most likely had nothing to do with it.
In order "to keep it in better condition for future generations."
Four times a year, guides will tour visitors through the museum, explaining the history of the works on view, and their relationship
To the delight of many diehard Impressionist fans, and the chagrin of those opposed entirely to the genre of musical theater
The Van Gogh Museum says it has identified a long-lost Vincent Van Gogh painting that spent years in a Norwegian attic because it was thought not to be authentic. It is the first full-size canvas by the Dutch master discovered since 1928.
This Saturday is a big day for Vincent Van Gogh geeks like me. This day is the 160th anniversary of the birth of our beloved hero. But what to do when the world's largest collection of works by Van Gogh is unavailable until early May while the building undergoes extensive renovations?
About 1.5 million people tour the Van Gogh Museum annually. Many of them used to visit on hallucinogenic mushrooms, but a 2008 law now prohibits selling 'shrooms.