Vancouver Island

Before I share some images from the destinations we’ve covered so far, I’ll share what’s coming next. We’ll be spending the
NEBRASKA: OMAHA Located on the Missouri River, this city on the Lewis and Clark Trail is worth a visit. One highlight is
Travelers typically beseech the weather gods for blue skies and sunshine, but some people live for a little drama every now and again -- it often makes for a better story -- and for those types there's storm watching.
A kind street sweeper allowed a little girl's summer fun to last a little bit longer -- and reminded us truly good people
Due to hectic work schedules and tight budgets, Americans are traveling less this year than they have in the past forty. But they're certainly still traveling, and this summer, many are jetting off to international locales.
3. It's mild. No? Ok. Here are some water taxis in Victoria Harbor to help change your mind. Check out the mini Canadian
There is no better place, no better time. The salmon are running, and the weather is fine. Our target waters have the highest density of orcas anywhere in the world. I'm going to feel the spray of flying flukes, and wink at the melon-sized eye of an orca.