Matthew Greenwood, 32, and Jeremy Crahan, 40, were arrested Saturday over the alleged attack, which left more than 15,000 without power.
A farm manager said someone left a spray-painted message that said "we’ll be back."
The U.S. Park Police said that a male suspect has been arrested for the vandalism, which asked onlookers, "Have u been f**ked by this."
"This man, Pat Collins, is clearly a national treasure," tweeted MSNBC's Joy Reid.
Floyd's brother attended the unveiling on Juneteenth. The vandalism might be the second time Patriot Front fascists have defaced Floyd's image this month.
The artist who sculpted the ceramic bust called the vandalism "an act of racism." Police are investigating.
A police abolitionist explains the other options available when you see property damage.
The Trump supporters attacked the mural soon after community members finished painting it outside the Contra Costa county courthouse.
President Donald Trump claimed he “authorized” police to protect monuments from anti-racism protesters, who have been toppling racist Confederate statues across the country.
Trump-appointed judges rescinded Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman's initial release on bond. Their next bail hearing is Tuesday.