Vanessa Carlton

He has absolutely no intentions of making his way downtown.
"I never, ever meant to try and exploit that situation in any way."
An intensely joyful trip led to beautiful, dream-like music.
Imagine starting out as a singer-songwriter and the first song you put out commercially goes to the top five and you have a Grammy nomination for Best Song of the Year.
“She makes you feel good,” Carlton added. “The biggest thing I’ve taken away from my time knowing Stevie is that warmth. It
"Married this gentleman two hours ago xo," she tweeted along with a photo of her and her groom. In the pic, the 33-year-old
Having canceled several stops on her current tour, Vanessa Carlton has released a very personal letter detailing her recent
The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star also took questions from fans about his new workplace comedy...and he even did the robot! One
Freddie Prinze Jr. in 2000: McGillis in 2013: Where She's Been: McGillis once held the enviable position as playing Tom Cruise's
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