Vanita Gupta

Vanita Gupta has been named the next chief of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.
Two bookending clashes between the Obama administration and conservatives over bathroom and facilities access made the week just ended a momentous one for transgender Americans.
Citizens recording and verbally opposing police actions are given strong protections in the deal between feds and Newark.
Civil rights lawyers want the DOJ to give judges who break the law a taste of their own medicine.
Civil rights lawyers say the feds need to go after local officials who violate constitutional rights and "trample the law with impunity."
Ronald Davis, now a Justice Department official, said the suggestion cops are standing down is an insult.
A DOJ report finds the harsh treatment of black children in Ferguson-area courts "cannot be explained by factors other than race."
Civil rights advocates are hopeful that Gupta's long history of reform and her sensitivity to issues of police abuse will
“Like any appointee to this position, because it deals with things like voter ID that are controversial and pretty partisan
She also called the laws legalizing marijuana in Washington and Colorado "racial justice victories" and said the war on drugs