We talked to influencers to find out what their beauty cabinets say about their own sense of vanity.
This is not a remote vision since the global venture ecosystem has largely already happened. Europe and Asia continue to
Suddenly my parade of celebration was a death march. Before I could answer (40 made me lethargic) my five-year-old says, "Mom
3. No one compares to him! 8. He brought some holleration. 6. No one is cooler than Prince. He doesn't have to be cool to
More from Allure: "I use DVD/CD acrylic boxes to hold my old-style M.A.C. palettes, since they're exactly the right size
During the first global leg of Prince's Piano and a Microphone solo tour in Australia on Monday, the famed performer paid
Matthews had become an evangelist after suffering from drug addiction.
We have become the golden calf. Gilded in likes, favorites, shares, and retweets. Periscoping our every moment while perched on a towering pedestal of selfies. All of it new-century building blocks of ego and validation.
So the obvious question this begs is why does this bad street photography exist? Wouldn't the natural selection process of
Last month, Bank of America Merrill Lynch released the compellingly titled report, “Vanity Capital: The global bull market
There's more happening here, and it comes down to the fact that Paltrow's a woman. How often do we see male celebrities, or men in general, tasked for the stuff-- whether vain or frivolous or "too indulgent"-- they spend their money on?
Kelly-Ramirez's creative background includes the parade world. She loves a good masquerade, and that certain intimate, artfully scientific way a makeup artist has of studying faces. She is rarely far from a makeup kit.
My body is sick. I have an array of illnesses. I am old. I do not look like a fashion model. All the same, I am beautiful.
Growing up, we didn't talk about that kind of thing. It would have been considered scandalous. I was raised to believe that God had certain plans and expectations for me as a woman, and to err from that path would be sinful. But as I became worldlier and met others who had tried it, my curiosity grew.
Perhaps you are insecure and do not want to appear stupid? Perhaps you are vain and care how you look? It really does not