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The 73-year-old host underwent successful surgery to correct a blocked intestine.
"I still think of myself as a girl in a small town."
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MAC sweeps, I run the final glass wash cycle of the night, plunk the stools on the bar, check no one is dead on the balcony
I am frequently under the weather, but I seldom know whether I will weather the storm that forecasters have forecast, which is why I can't predict what kind of weather I will be under.
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Truth be known, I look forward every evening to giving my brain a well deserved rest from the mental aerobics I put it through daily. I admit it...I've been watching the same soap opera for fifty four years.
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It's a new day, and that means a new, hilarious answer on "Wheel of Fortune." (What did this show do before the Internet
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For old times' sake, here’s White turning her first letter in 1982: The game show that will probably outlive us all first
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Pat Sajak is always on top of his game. The Emmy award-winning Wheel of Fortune game show host knows how to please an audience (sporting those boyish good looks and charming his audience with his quick wit and effervescent smile). And he's never met a contestant he didn't like. Okay, only two in 31 years. That fact alone may just keep him from being perfect.
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The long-time "Wheel Of Fortune" hostess has been a staple in American living rooms for over three decades. And while technological
With minimal effort and hoopla and delivering virtually zero sex appeal and drama, these two shows have managed to repeatedly attract a wide demography of viewers year after year after year.
Interviewing Vanna again would be a chance to see if she was still struggling with bingeing or if she'd found a way to move on. Talking with this now 55-year-old single mother of two would also be a great opportunity to speak the unspoken truth about this all-too-common eating problem.
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Trebek hinted at retirement in May. “Yes, I have been thinking of retiring," Trebek told Chris Wallace. "But I’m torn because
When CNN’s Candy Crowley moderates the second presidential debate in a few weeks, she will be only the second woman to perform
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We've all done it. You meet someone new, take one good look at them and ask (almost rhetorically): "So, where are you from
Since alcohol affects women more quickly than it does men, answering work emails after a couple of glasses of wine could be riskier career-wise for female desk drinkers.