We felt numbed out by the lives we were living, so we set out in search of adventure on the road.
Atita Verghese just wants girls to experience the fun of skateboarding.
An artist works on a spraypainted work on a wall in Hong Kong as part of the HKWalls program, sponsored in part by Vans (photo
Of course, "Andy" is written on the bottom of the shoes.
Here are the technical specs: This is fine because the inexperienced generations run in them, mainly; while the wisdom-filled
The hit track not only helped introduce a whole new audience of sneaker enthusiasts to the classic shoe, but The Pack rapper Lil Uno spit some serious truths when he mentioned that Vans have set a trend since 1966.
Love Disney? Love sneakers? If you answered yes to both questions, Vans' upcoming collection is for you. The shoe and apparel