Our common dream is the only antidote to the common nightmare already in the works. But to become an effective antidote we need to join forces. We need to overcome the usual tendency of progressives to fall prey to the sirens of discord.
The former finance minister is attempting a second act.
For the past two weeks Greece has entered the climax of the Comedy of Errors - that is its six-year-old economic crisis. Banks have closed, referendums called, rallies and counter-rallies have been held, society divided and tales of conspiracies and Armageddon have become commonplace.
In the image and reality of democracy some recourse to the people is essential. It must involve rich and directly effective activity by citizens and transparent inspiration by leaders.
One financial analyst among others described it as the deal was worse than 1919 Treaty of Versailles, when after Germany's
The deeper motivations of this proposal are no longer stated in it. It is a toned-down version of a Diktat that speaks much
What do they really want? That's the question everyone is asking about both the Germans and the Greeks. Aspirations explicit and veiled circulate. But recent events -- negotiations, stalemate, trash talk, referendum, shutdowns -- have moved many options off the table. A thunderous "no" vote in Greece drowned out the more pointed "no" from Germany. Both these negatives were expressions not of will but of weakness. Yes, that's correct, German weakness, too. Is this something Alexis Tsipras can exploit? On such a field of increasing obstacle and impediment is where the next battle will play out. Politics is like this.
By Lefteris Papadimas and John O'Donnell EU officials said it would be hard to give Greece easier terms, not least because
Greece should refuse a false choice by turning in a blank ballot. Refuse in this way the elite-mongering decisionism from which this scandalous insult to voting arises. Let it all go down. Around that the leaders and negotiators will have to adjust. Maybe then some small and sober and unexpected light will appear.
The vote comes after months of contentious negotiations between Greece and its so-called troika of creditors -- the International
Greece was on edge on Thursday, days ahead of a controversial referendum on the country's economic future. Watch Greece prepare
Even so, he was ready to contemplate a vote that could set his country on a path out of the euro. "They send a third proposal
The pointed rhetoric has gone both ways, with Tsipras on Saturday rallying against "authoritarianism and harsh austerity
A pro-euro demonstrator is silhouetted behind a Greek flag during a rally outside the Greek Parliament in Athens, Monday
A street vendor sells Greek flags in front of the Greek parliament in Athens on June 29, 2015. (LOUISA GOULIAMAKI/AFP/Getty
The German foreign ministry said tourists heading to Greece should take plenty of cash to avoid possible problems with local
For the past five months, the Tsipras government has presided over economic contraction, commercial paralysis, political polarization at home, diplomatic deadlock abroad and billions in withdrawals from Greek banks.