Birth control is a big argument for Johnny and Amy on "Love is Blind." He urges her to get on it, but a future where Johnny could take hormonal birth control himself isn't far off.
"Men, it's time to do your part," the comedian captioned the viral video on Instagram.
After the ruling on Roe v. Wade, the need for men to help prevent pregnancy has never been greater. But would they take hormonal birth control?
The actor, who has seven children with one on the way, said he already underwent a “vasectomy consultation.”
"I had been looking into getting the snip since I turned 18, but it took a trip to Ireland to finally find a doctor who would do the procedure."
The Republican senator is appalled that an Alabama state representative is trying to take away a man’s reproductive rights.
The anti-abortion GOP senator criticized an Alabama bill that aims to curb unwanted pregnancies by focusing on men.
A Democratic state legislator said men "should not be legislating what women do with their bodies."
Most men expect and assume women will “take care of” contraception and can barely be bothered to use a condom.