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The former prosecutor has faced renewed backlash after the release of Ava DuVernay's stunning Netflix limited series, "When They See Us."
As long as there is the perception that medievalism is somehow linked with racism, it affects all of us in the hobby.
Academics should not be blind to the political context in which we operate.
Women's Army Corps in Nuremberg, Germany, 1949. Library of Congress By deploying troops abroad as warriors for and emissaries
Last week, I sat down with Professor Maria Höhn, chair of Vassar's History Department and faculty advisor for VC Solidarity with Refugees. We talked about why she started Solidarity with Refugees, student involvement in the initiative, and the importance of social engagement.
No-contact orders are involved in almost every college assault case -- but are often shockingly ineffective.
Flash forward, years later, it seems as if I am still back at Vassar on the promotion crew for Meryl Streep as I write this blog, publicizing her latest dramatic work, Ricki and the Flash, but this time, seeing Meryl in a darkened movie theater on a Wednesday afternoon.
The last shot we see of Betty, shows her sitting alone at the kitchen table, chain-smoking. Perhaps, what's meant by the
Once I began college, though, I realized that being a lower income student imposes certain hardships that don't affect many wealthier students. Luxuries like frequent trips to the city, regularly patronizing relatively expensive local restaurants, and many other miscellaneous expenses add up quickly.
Aside from Meryl Streep's legacy and architecture resembling Hogwarts, Vassar College captivated me most as I heard students tell their amazing success stories. After receiving my acceptance letter, I couldn't help but wonder about the path that I would carve for myself.
As Class Historian for Vassar's first coed freshman class, to me it was historically coincidental that Arianna Huffington opened her address at Vassar's 151st commencement in Poughkeepsie, New York, 75 miles north of New York City, with a reference to her own Greek heritage.
It was May 4, 1970. We were high school seniors in Greater Cleveland, when Kent State exploded on a Monday, a mere 45 miles away, 45 years ago. Four students killed, nine wounded by National Guard gunfire. It's as if it were yesterday.
"As this case and others demonstrate, plaintiffs challenging university discipline for sexual assault have a difficult time
Growing up in Nansana, Uganda, Ritah Nabukenya was sometimes unable to study at night because she could not afford to buy a candle. She was only 7 years old when she lost her father to the HIV/AIDS epidemic that was devastating an entire generation in her country.