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Tuesday afternoon, Pope Francis will land in the nation’s capital and President Barack Obama will be there to greet him -- a gesture that the New York Times reports has rarely been extended to foreign visitors.
Especially in today's world.
If a company pays equal attention to both the environmental and social implications of any solution to address climate change, it will help ensure that the people who build tomorrow's homes and whose communities provide natural resources can also afford to live in those homes.
Discussing World War One, he spoke of "the great tragedy of Armenia" but did not use the word "genocide". TURIN, Italy (Reuters
The draft opens by saying climate change is the Earth’s way of protesting “irresponsible use and abuse of the goods that
“What is needed now is more visual, multimedia content, especially if one wishes to reach younger people,” Patten said, explaining
Ghattas is credited with setting up the first local Arab religious congregation in her hometown, Jerusalem. Emile Munir Elias
And despite the church’s official stance, Catholic women are still exercising their reproductive rights. According to a report
VATICAN CITY (AP) - The Vatican is hosting a charity concert next month with a Franciscan twist: The VIP seats are going