vatican scandal

U.S. bishops have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars renovating a villa for American priests visiting Italy.
From the Vatileaks of dilettante cardinals to those of professional consultants; prelude to a battle of the titans that has jeopardized and shaken a bi-millennial building to its core. There's a lot more going on here then synod skirmishes over the family.
ROME -- "Vatileaks 2" is the latest scandal to emerge from the Vatican. How many real friends Pope Francis has there today looks harder to count than ever.
The Vatican is dealing with all sorts of drama this week after news recently broke of a "serious betrayal and breach of trust."
The Vatican described the books as "fruit of a grave betrayal of the trust given by the pope."
The Vatican faced fresh accusations of mismanagement, excess and resistance to change as details from two new books emerged
The new Pope Francis is clearly a well-intentioned man. But all his austerity measures, personnel changes, and efforts at transparency will do little to change its century-old insolvency problem. Now, more than ever, the Vatican needs money.
One Vatican official said the three elderly cardinals who wrote it "will use their discernment to give any necessary guidance
Scandals at the Vatican remind us that the faith in redemption we share is a message which we and the world need to hear.
While speaking out strongly against the tone of the media coverage, Lombardi did not confirm or deny the existence of the