vawa reauthorization

It seems like every week brings new and horrific stories of sexual harassment and violence on America's college campuses. Study after study shows that sexual harassment and violence are far too prevalent in institutions of higher education.
Prior to VAWA, in many states physical and sexual violence against a woman by someone she knew was not considered as serious a crime as was an attack by a stranger. Thinking about it now, it's hard to believe.
Haven't we fought for several centuries to overcome such disempowering stereotypes about the inherent fragility of women in college?
The American public's cynicism about Washington can diminish when bipartisanship prevails and bills become law. The most recent example of this was the signing into law of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act by President Obama yesterday, July 22.
Why does the U.S. government not respect native american tribal sovereignty yet argue the sovereignty of nation-states, such as Ukraine in the current geopolitical situation, must not be violated?
On the night of her 20th birthday more than seven years ago, my niece Carol Kestenbaum, along with her best friend Nicole Schiffman, were shot and killed outside Carol's apartment.
As a key player in shaping global development priorities -- priorities that include education, health care, food security, economic empowerment and ending violence against women and girls -- the United States has an important role in ending early and forced marriage worldwide.
Sexual assault on Native American women should be regarded as more serious than vandalizing cars in Singapore, and it is about time that Congress recognized it as such.
By branding domestic violence and sexual assault, we aim to engage the general public to understand that, like other health issues -- cancer, heart disease -- domestic violence and sexual assault need to be more of a priority.
For instance, the act would not apply to someone in the situation Brunner's teenage daughter found herself in last year. She
A review of statements put out by all the other senators who voted against VAWA didn't show any others beyond Cornyn's that
Aides to some of those lawmakers have pushed back on the idea they were being deceptive. Walberg spokeswoman Sarah Kuziomko
With the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, thousands of law enforcement officers will be better equipped to stop violence before it starts, and respond to calls of help when they are needed.
The law will take effect one year after the president signs it, according to the Center for Public Integrity, meaning it'll
"How do you explain that vote?" she asked. Pelosi chalked up those votes to tea party-aligned members not being willing to
WASHINGTON -- Senate Democrats just won themselves some fresh ammunition in the next election cycle: nearly all of the potential
The Violence Against Women Act is headed to the president's desk after a dragged out political fight over expanding protections to Native American, LGBT and immigrants. Jess McIntosh, communications director for EMILY'S List, joins Mike from DC.
During Thursday's debate, McMorris Rodgers maintained that the GOP bill didn't specifically exclude anybody. Instead, she
With today's vote on VAWA, the House has an opportunity to renew our nation's commitment to do everything we can to protect our sisters, daughters, nieces, mothers, and grandmothers from violence. I hope we take it.
Rhetorical manipulation clouds reality. We aren't debating the facts anymore, but how the facts are delivered.