Australians swear by Vegemite sandwiches for their children’s lunch boxes, and Americans could give Big Sugar the middle finger by doing the same.
"It looks amazing," another kid proclaims, but "it tastes terrible." Perhaps unsurprisingly, the video hasn't been well received
We have some brave souls out there.
Brad Pitt's in Australia to promote his latest movie, "World War Z," and he's evidently up for anything. During his appearance
Not exactly glowing results, but we all made it out alright.
The Australian Associated Press says Mr Obama wrote to our Governor General, Quentin Bryce: Later, as I down a couple of
Rudd then did what any good-natured, high-powered politician would do and Tweeted about the incident, saying he needed "Foreign
It all began in July when jars of caramel-brown Vegemite mixed with cream cheese began appearing on supermarket shelves with