veggie burgers

Now these are some politics we can feel good about. 🍔
There's been a lot of burger buzz these days around burgers that aren't, well, really burgers in the classic sense. The Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger have transformed vegetables, oil and water into a remarkable facsimile of a bleeding burger: rare in the center, crispy on the outside and satisfyingly greasy. And, they have been rather hard to get one's hands on.
These creative uses go way beyond patties on buns.
There's a good chance your favorite bean or mushroom patty is a lot less healthy than you think. And by less healthy, we mean it has more calories, lots more sodium, and more saturated fat than a McDonald's Big Mac.
5. Fry or bake your burgers. I like to pan-fry, because it will consistently give you a better flavor and better texture
With some kitchen smarts and great flavors, you don't need beef for a good burger.
Wendy's isn't the first fast food chain to serve a veggie burger. Burger King added them to the menu way back in 2002, while
When's the last time a veggie burger had you on the edge of your seat?
The large and varied menu has something for everyone, from the soul bowl for true veggie lovers to the vegan wingz for people who prefer meat alternatives that taste like meat. What Chicago Diner serves up "has a lot to do with the food we want to eat."