Court documents have revealed that Woods' damaged SUV was discovered by a man who lives near the accident site, in California's Rolling Hills Estates.
The Golden Ray, a South Korean cargo vessel, was carrying over 4,000 vehicles when it capsized in Georgia’s St. Simons Sound.
Gregory Jennrich, 31, has been charged with felony auto theft.
"It's not normal behavior at all."
He fell out of the vehicle after slipping on his vomit, a coroner said.
While the pair is still recovering and both are expected to temporarily be in wheelchairs, the cause of the crash has not
Meanwhile, Google has been privately testing a "self-driving" Toyota Prius. While Google has offered only a few glimpses
That's right, forget all about that smoggy past--the new, green GM is here to stay. It looks like the auto giant is about
On Tuesday, June 30, the Korean automaker is launching a summer promotion that guarantees buyers of its vehicles one year's