Justin Bieber and the model tied the knot for the second time last Monday.
Why the garment with a rich symbolic history is popping up in pop culture thanks to artists like SZA, Bat for Lashes and Beyonce.
Personal style broadcasts only that a person has flair and says nothing about the character of a person. But religious attire
Considering how our society strongly stands for freedom of expression, justice and plurality, it's ironic that the very thing which Muslim women use to express their identity and liberty -- the hijab -- is the exact reason they are highlighted so much more.
For those brides-to-be who may still have a few steps to take before heading down the aisle, here are seven tips to help minimize unnecessary stress.
"Facebook is our weapon," says their advocate, exiled journalist Masih Alinejad.
We do not need other people to take their cameras and claim to know what the world looks like through our eyes. We do not need others to speak over us, pretending to tell our stories, when we have our own voices and our own cameras and are fully capable of documenting our lives.
Continuing terrorism by Islamist radicals in the Middle East, Europe, and the U.S has led numerous commentators to argue for solutions that nearly always involve revision of the foundations of the religion, especially the Quran.
It all comes down to choosing the right veil. Think the waltz is just a dance step? The chapel only a place to say your vows? Could it really be that easy? Check our glossary to find out.
3. The floral halo For the bohemian gal, florals at every wedding festivity are a must--so why not elevate the idea (literally
Almaki titled his series "Lone Canyon," referencing the gap between a woman and her veil. Yet as the photographic process
Color is the new white! Straying from the customary Queen Victoria inspired "white dress," brides are flocking to Pinterest, Rock N Roll Bride and Green Wedding Shoes for inspiration on how to make their day as vibrant and unique as they are.
This eye opener book is definitely a must read for all Muslim women to acknowledge the true meaning of veil and the main reasons to wear the veil in the Islamic world.
As the globe becomes more cosmopolitan, it becomes even more important to get our balance right. And a correct balance is what underpins liberal secularism.
In many of the images, the women fly the veil behind them like a defiant flag. Since setting it up on May 5, Alinejad has
Watch it above. c l o t h from Jacqui Sze on Vimeo. Directors Ania Catherine and Samira Mahboub told The Huffington Post
The garment worn compulsorily during my years in Saudi Arabia had found a permanent place in my wardrobe as I realized, on careful deliberation, that the benefits far outweighed its limitations.
I'd like to tell you that I saw it shining in the light of the moon. That would be more romantic. But it was in the glare of the pre-dawn streetlight that it caught my eye. I was walking my dog on Crescent Street at 5:30 a.m. on trash day, and it was out at the curb with the cans.