vending machines

Health officials aim to make access to clean syringes as easy as possible.
The Soar With Reading initiative is providing kids in low-income neighborhoods with book vending machines and free books to help lift child literacy.
Social determinants of health (SDOH), as identified by the CDC, are conditions in the places where people live, learn, work, and play that affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes.
New legislation would nix unhealthy items from property owned by the city of San Francisco.
Oh, and you can say goodbye to the days of not being able to find your favorite color, too. These bad boys come fully stocked
The machines were designed by HelmetHub, a company founded by MIT engineering graduates that won a contract from the city
Hungry for a new handbag? Interview magazine posted a photo to Instagram pulled from their September 2013 issue showing a
Never lose another $1.50 to a faulty vending machine again. The fury that comes from a vending machine eating your change
Maintaining the presence of fast food, soft drink, and junk food companies in public schools sends all the wrong messages to children. These companies are eager to sell their products in schools because they want to get kids hooked at an early age, to ensure brand loyalty for life.
The live crab machines in China might be interpreted as animal cruelty to some, but then again, there have been vending machines selling live lobsters in Maine!
After months of delay, the USDA released its proposed rules governing the nutritional quality of so-called "competitive" foods and beverages offered on school campuses.  Here's an overview of the rules' key provisions and my take on some of the big issues to watch.