Venice Biennale

The street artist crashed the famous event in Italy with an unauthorized installation.
Whitney Biennial Skulptur Projekte Münster The 15th edition of the Istanbul Biennial will be curated by Elmgreen & Dragset
Nobuo Sekine was interviewed in his studio and on location in Los Angeles, August 2015. Questions by Christian Lund. "Even
Hrair Sarkissian, Unexposed, 2012, archival inkjet prints, shown in Armenity, Venice Biennale, 2015. The unexposed are descendants
Carole Feuerman sculpts triumphant hyper-realist figures of women celebrating their physicality as they move through space, timeless and iconic.
Inside Dream of Venice: Architecture are 36 essays by architects and architectural writers (full disclosure: I am one), accompanied
Despite legitimate terrorist threats in Europe, northern Italy seems calm, polished and welcoming. Modernist architect Carlo Scarpa and Opera Diva Maria Callas had important moments in the Veneto which are now on display along with many other lesser known cultural sites.
The intersection of arts and political activism are two fields defined by a shared focus of creating engagement that shifts boundaries, changes relationships and creates new paradigms.
I'm angry. As a woman film blogger, I need twice as much effort and talent to get a quarter of the recognition that my male counterparts receive. I notice it on a daily basis and I've grown to really hate it.
"Reincarnation" will and should challenge our (American) morality, but it also reaffirms our capacity to empathize.
Discovering Venice Decadent. Expensive. With little soul. And crowded. With tourists, obviously. These are the mixed blessings
For the first time, the Venice Biennale in 2015 saw the introduction of two noted Hawaiian artists--Kapulani Landgraf and Kaili Chun to the famed international art exhibition.
It's impossible for a single person to see all the events and exhibitions that take place during the sprawling art event that the Art Biennale in Venice, Italy, has become.
The Venice Biennale is built on paradox and contradiction: against the grain of globalization, the Biennale follows a model of representation by nation-states, and its non-commercial structure is undermined by the extravagant cost of mounting an exhibition there.
This year's Venice Biennale might unintentionally bring the answers we have been waiting for when trying to understand the role of art in a world where genocide and human extermination appear as something to be aware of but not to get involved with.
His conceptualism achieves somethings apparently impossible which is to be experienced at an emotional level. The way, however, his work has been read till now, insists on transforming his pieces into a visual representation of some aspects of continental social philosophy.
Patricia Cronin, Chibok Student #2, 2015 "Shrine for Girls," Cronin's upcoming site-specific installation appears at the