venn diagram

"As a math teacher I would like to thank you for creating a real-world example on how NOT to construct a Venn diagram."
Even if you don’t know Venn diagrams by name, you probably know what one looks like. (They included two circles, side-by
So, I won’t be the one asked for cigarettes and beer  —  I’m ok with that.
Trust me, I'm an expert, i.e. I'm currently wearing a devil costume.
What a long, strange journey it's been. And you thought THAT was tough.
The Doodle isn't the first tribute to Venn, who was born on August 4, 1834 and died on April 4, 1923. Others include the
But as far as we're concerned, the marriage was an obviously scripted stunt all along. After all, season two of a series
Choosing a new name for Mesa State College has been an emotional and sometimes combative process over the past year. On Tuesday
Now that the busy holiday travel season is coming to an end, it's likely that people won't be talking as much about the TSA
Oh, Reverend Terry Jones. First you plan a Quran burning to commemorate 9/11 (because that's what America stands for), then
Ever since news broke that the SEC was charging Goldman Sachs with fraud for selling their clients assets they were betting
Don't think stuff you learned in math class can be funny? WRONG.