The "AGT" judges panel is getting an overhaul next season.
Ewan McGregor, her co-star in the movie, is very impressed.
This past week found me back on the campaign trail with Donald J. Tramp. As usual, he encountered protesters from various
For years, it has been reported in the United States that I dumped my fiance for a bunch of puppets. Well let me tell you, I have a new man in my life.
Putting my pen to paper, pain plus distance equaled comedy as I wrote the three words, "Hell No, Joe."
New York
No need for a subway cupid when you have New York's best wingman: a hilarious Ventriloquist's puppet. The Model Pranksters
Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is never alone. Even though he opens his current world-wide concert series 'Disorderly Conduct' with a 20-minute hilarious solo stand-up comedy routine, there are dead people behind him, held captive in little black cases ready to spring into action. Okay, one dead 'person.' Achmed, the Dead Terrorist -- one of his most popular dummies whose most famous line: 'Silence! I kill you!' never really gets old.
Culture & Arts
As a successful photographer and music video director for several decades, Matthew Rolston has worked with the nation's top -- and most attractive -- entertainers
As the central figures in this film all keep learning, it's less about their ability to talk without moving their lips and
Dumbstruck isn't really about ventriloquism. It's about five people who happen to be ventriloquists. They pursue their dreams, and they rely on their friends and family along the way.
Style & Beauty
Miss Arkansas Alyse Eady fulfilled all of our Miss America Pageant dreams on Saturday night by performing a ventriloquism
There is something important to be learned from Jeff Dunham's improbable rise. Passion and belief are often able to create a path forward where none may exist.