California's wildfires have caused unparalleled devastation this year, and they’re likely to get worse.
George Christie is on a mission for relevancy. And he's taken that mission across the airwaves, via the History channel's 6 part series -- Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels.
The Flagellation of Christ by Piero Della Francesca Mashup Cast (L to R) John Nava as Pontius Pilate, sculpture model Mark
In 1997, Pedro Costa, at the age of 38, began a trilogy exploring Portugal's impoverished, an undertaking that would continuously draw raves from the more erudite critics around the world.
Investigators are trying to determine if the father’s injuries were self-inflicted, police said. KTLA news reported the dad
"Everybody is embraced,” one parent told the news station. “And Chick-fil-A should have been allowed to be here.” Fox News
In honor of her husband, Erin hopes to create a movement in which people live lives full of compassion, everyday miracle, adventure, and being "bold and authentically you." It's a call to action to live your best life possible.
As children and youth continue to age out of the foster care system, it's becoming increasingly important for public agencies to be forward-thinking and adopt new technologies that help foster youth make a smoother transition to adulthood.
With only a quick glance at Laura Krifka's paintings, you could easily miss the deviance of her characters and the surprisingly naughty-to-sinister innuendos that she concocts.
As a newcomer to Southern California, I'm still waiting to see the parts that aren't beautiful.
As a newcomer to Southern California I'm still waiting to see the parts that aren't beautiful.
Of course, doing that is harder than it sounds. Many board members have no training in what it means to be an effective fundraiser
My BFF and I staggered out of the movie, wandering aimlessly up and down a few streets before we found ourselves walking into a lingerie shop. Well, we thought it was a lingerie shop.
The Jean Paul Gaultier fashion retrospective at the de Young Museum in San Francisco was the perfect pretext for a road trip along one of the world's most spectacular coastal roads.
One is not surprised that the only form of communication left at one's disposal is the litigation route -- how sad and deplorable is this?
"I consider myself very lucky to be home for the holidays," Glynn, 35, told The Huffington Post. "When our replacements showed
Destination: Long Beach Shop: Meow Drive Time: 28 Minutes This vintage clothing boutique specializes in “dead stock,” never
Text courtesy of Your Daily Thread. By Robin Dixon Build your playlist and roll onto the open road. The PCH (or Pacific Coast
In that context, exporting jobs and hollowing out our industrial base while playing financial roulette with pension funds
Victims are so disturbed at such decision-making and what they regard as excessive legal fees by Kelley and his team that